AFI Introduces Equal Penalties for Coaches and Athletes in Doping Cases


In a significant move aimed at maintaining integrity in athletics, the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) has implemented a groundbreaking policy that holds coaches accountable for their athletes’ failed dope tests. This new regulation mandates equal punishment for both athletes and their coaches in the event of an adverse analytical finding.

AFI’s new policy in doping tests

Under the revised policy, if an athlete is found to have violated anti-doping rules, their coach will face a similar penalty from the AFI. This approach emphasizes shared responsibility and ensures that coaches are equally liable for their athletes’ actions.

By extending consequences to coaches, the AFI aims to foster a culture of clean sports. This sends a strong message that doping will not be tolerated at any level, emphasizing the federation’s commitment to ethical standards and fair play.

AFI President Adille Sumariwalla stressed the importance of accountability. He stated that it is high time perpetrators are called out, named, and shamed. This proactive stance reinforces the AFI’s dedication to promoting clean and honourable competition in Indian athletics.

The new policy not only holds coaches accountable but also establishes clear lines of responsibility within the coaching-athlete relationship. Coaches, including those with NIS diplomas, must register with the AFI. Athletes, when filling out their dope forms, are required to declare the name of their coach.

Sumariwalla highlighted that while coaches often claim cash rewards when athletes win, there must also be consequences for them. The policy ensures that coaches share both the rewards and the responsibility.

This progressive step by the AFI underscores its commitment to combat doping and upholding the principles of fair play. By treating coaches and athletes equally in doping cases, the federation aims to create a level playing field and maintain the integrity of Indian athletics.

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