Afghanistan invites Pakistan to play cricket


After England and New Zealand refused to tour Pakistan, the country’s hope to bring back international cricket went down the drain. Hours later, Afghanistan, offered an invitation to Pakistan to come play cricket with them. The cricket chairman, Azizulla Fazli, expressed his desire to visit the country and invite them for an ODI series with them. England and New Zealand citied security issues for withdrawing from the tour. Pakistani fans have already expressed their dissatisfaction.

He will be touring Pakistan from September 25 and then will travel to India to meet the cricket board officials.

“I am taking a tour of Pakistan from September 25 and then will go to India, Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates to meet officials of cricket boards.”

Afghanistan was supposed to face Pakistan in Sri Lanka, but the match got cancelled due to the covid-19 outbreak and logistical issues. Fazil mentions that he intends to develop the national team and hopes for cooperation from all the other cricketing nations.

“We are seeking to improve Afghanistan cricket so that will come with cooperation from other countries.”

Afghanistan violated ICC’S rule of having an active women’s team

The Afghanistan cricket team’s fate lies in the hands of the Taliban after the group took control of the country. It is not known whether the team will be allowed to play in the T20 World Cup or not, as ICC has not made any official statement yet. Fans are worried because according to the ICC’s rulebook, all the members countries have to promote their national women’s team. If they do not fulfill the requirement, their membership is cancelled.

The Taliban government may or may not consider such a rule valid as they got rid of the national women’s team and have not answered to the media’s questions about bringing back women’s team. The group had previously barred women from engaging in any sporting activities or even taking up jobs during their reign from 1996 to 2001.

If such a history repeats, other counties night boycott the Afghanistan team. Australia has already threatened the country that it would withdraw from the Test match to be held in Brisbane.

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