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Advices for Successful Dating with famous American basketball players


Dating a sports star has its obvious attractions but is it even possible for normal people? We examine the ins and outs of dating famous sports competitors…

Normal people with a talent

Famous American basketball players have successful relationships with all sorts of people; you just don’t hear about them. The press tends to focus on the more controversial elements and the drama of less stable couples because it generates more interest. You may be surprised to find a famous NBA star on an American dating site, but the reality is that while it is rare due to their social standing, it is possible. Their extraordinary talents don’t change the fact that they can fall in love with anyone and have no control over it, just like us.

On a pedestal

Most fans believe meeting a professional athlete like a basketball player online, at their training base, a game, or even on holiday is one of the most exciting things that can happen in life. Singles looking for love blend in with the crowd because the adulation and crazy behavior associated with meeting your favorite players overlap in terms of going crazy or leaving you speechless. We tend to put sports stars on a pedestal, but the truth is, underneath it all, they are just like us. They are human and can fall for anyone at any given time regardless of status or background. 

Each person is different, of course, and you will often find that famous sports stars will either seek attention or shy away from it. It comes with the territory and is part of the job, of course, but the increasing interest in people’s lives has been magnified by reality TV and social media. This can be extremely intrusive and make stars value their privacy even more. This is where online dating could be beneficial to a basketballer. They can chat and get to know a potential match behind closed doors away from the prying eyes of the public. 

How to meet them

  • Star signs can match your compatibility with your favorite stars if you need to pinpoint your suitability. 
  • You can use social media to get their attention with likes and comments. Be careful not to overdo it, as you could face being blocked if you overwhelm them. 
  • Restaurants are popular and common for players but don’t be rude if they are with the family, for example. Bide your time and wait for an opportunity to chat and introduce yourself. 
  • Explore fashionable dating sites and apps attracting athletes.
  • Enter competitions run by their team organization, often the prizes involve meeting the players
  • Stay at the same hotels for their away games or international trips
  • Similarly, go to the airport to bump into them before they travel.

NBA stars and their relationships

There are numerous examples of famous basketballer’s relationships. These range from high-school sweethearts to fellow celebrities, which proves the range and possibilities available to the NBA superstars. If some of the richest and most popular American basketballers can find love in this manner just like the rest of us, it proves that finding one on an American dating site is certainly conceivable. Here are some notable relationships with varying backgrounds that may interest you; 

Nina Earl and Russell Westbrook

One of the most normal couples of the NBA and perhaps even the most romantic of pairings is that of Russell Westbrook and Nina Earl. The college sweethearts dated for a couple of years before fame was introduced to their chaotic lives. Having been married in 2015, they now have three children together and continue to live a relatively normal life away from the spotlight despite their fame and fortune.

Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor

Here is a couple well and truly in the media spotlight. They embrace their fame and status by celebrating their high profile for all to see, particularly online. Their prominent positioning on Twitter via the hashtag #couplegoals has elevated them to role model status as they document their relationship for others to follow and mimic. They seemingly operate in tandem with little or no effort to a high degree of success and have two children together.

Savannah Nee Brinson and LeBron James

In an era where many celebrities use the privilege of their status as an excuse for a certain lifestyle, James is no playboy. LeBron has always lived a family existence and has not cast any doubt over his commitment and love for his marriage.  His loyalty and respect for his partner have not once been clouded by any media storm or dubious circumstances. It seems that his professionalism and dedication on the court are matched off it at home. In spite of his global fame and iconic status within the game, James leads by example to husbands and fathers in the limelight and showcases how to conduct yourself in the public eye. Savannah met LeBron in their youth and have stayed together ever since, now with three beautiful children.