The advantages of betting online in India


The traditional way of betting is slowly going obsolete. People are more and more open to the idea of betting on games online. Online bookies have had a massive breakthrough a few years ago and their popularity just keeps rising. 

This new type of betting is taking over the world as millions of people open the bookie sites and apps each day, rather than going on-site. We wanted to elaborate a few reasons as to why online bookies are so popular these days and why people are favouring them over the land-based ones. We’re also going to give you our top pick as the best online bookie on the Indian market. 

bet365 – The Best Bookie Site in India

As you may know, thousands of online bookies offer their services to the people. But, not all of them are worth a visit. Some of them offer bad odds, while some operate without a license and they are most likely scam sites.


That’s why it’s important to choose a legitimate bookie that has obtained a license to operate and also cares for its clients. One of them is bet365. This sportsbook has established itself as one of the best on the planet due to its excellent service and availability. The fact that this is one of the most legitimate online bookies that cares for its customers is why we chose it as our top pick. You can learn more about it if you read this review of bet365 Indian site. The review contains all the information you need.

Now that we’ve stated why bet365 is our pick, let’s check out some of the general advantages and features that make online bookies so loved.



One of the biggest advantages that online bookies have over the land-based sportsbooks, as well as one of their best features, is their availability. Their services are at your disposal 24/7, 365 days per year. You can reach them at any time and place. Because things happen fast in the world of sports, acting fast and placing bets on time is important and that is exactly what you can do, considering the fact that online bookies are accessible from your home. 

Online bookies’ sites are optimized for both mobile and desktop use, while some of them even went as far as making apps as a way to be accessed with ease. 

More Options and Better Odds

These sites also offer much more betting options for the players, have better payout percentages and excellent odds. Sometimes they even go as far as offering you early profits by giving up on the rest of the games of your slip. That way, you get to earn money while minimizing the risk.

Because football games are set to return in the next few weeks and some leagues are extremely entertaining, having more betting options is a huge advantage. 

Tracking Games is Easy

Each league and game is just a few clicks or taps away. Like we mentioned earlier, online bookies’ sites are optimized for both mobile and desktop games and their layout is simple. It’s adapted so that people of all ages can navigate easily and place bets fast. Some sites even offer live streaming so you can play your bets live in the midst of all the action.

Secure Sites

Lastly, we wanted to mention that these sites are extremely safe. Bookies have invested a lot of money into their security, which is why the odds of theft or scam are low. They have artificial intelligence that is extremely effective and efficient. All of your private data (like your card details) is safely hidden and there’s no need for you to worry.