Adapting to Conditions: Suryakumar Yadav provides insights on batsmanship ahead of Super 8s


The T20 World Cup 2024 has witnessed thrilling matches, and one player who stands out is Suryakumar Yadav. As the world’s number one batter, he has faced the challenge of adapting his game to different conditions.

Suryakumar Yadav speaks about his batting

Suryakumar emphasizes that being a top-ranked player means adjusting to various conditions. Good batsmanship involves reading the situation and altering your approach accordingly.

“If you have been number one for two years, you should be able to bat in different conditions and change the game as per the team’s needs. That displays good batsmanship, and that is what I try,” said Suryakumar during a media interaction here on Tuesday.

During the matches in New York, where the wickets were “spicy,” Suryakumar had to play the waiting game. He adapted by playing strokes behind the wicket, even if it meant a lower strike rate.

His unbeaten 50 off 49 balls against the USA showcased his ability to grind it out when needed. Batsmanship isn’t just about attacking; it’s about smart decision-making.

Suryakumar looks forward to returning to his 360-degree strokeplay in the Caribbean. While he enjoyed playing in the USA, he acknowledges that the conditions were different.

“I was happy playing there as well (laughs). It’s not that we weren’t happy playing there, but we were playing for the first time, so yes, the conditions were different and a little challenging as well. But we have played here (in the West Indies), we know the conditions.”

The Caribbean pitches offer familiarity, and he aims to capitalize on that. His versatility allows him to switch gears and play aggressively when conditions permit.

When faced with slow wickets, Suryakumar advises being smart about extending your innings. It’s about talking to your partner, calming nerves, and adjusting according to team needs.

He recognizes that generating force on sluggish wickets can be challenging. Instead of brute power, he focuses on placement and timing.

Spinners have thrived in Caribbean conditions during the tournament. However, Suryakumar remains undeterred. His sweeps and reverse sweeps are his strong points, and he’ll continue to take the attack to slower bowlers.

With Virat Kohli opening alongside Rohit Sharma and Rishabh Pant at number three, India’s batting order is formidable. Suryakumar’s adaptability complements this lineup.

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