Aakriti Kandari is physically and mentally prepared for Pro Panja League Season 2

aakriti kandari pro panja league
Aakriti kandari in Pro Panja League

Last year, Rohtak Rowdies player Aakriti Kandari made a name for herself after appearing in the first season of Pro Panja League. Aakriti, who is just 16 years old became the youngest player to be a part of the first season which aired on Sony Sports Network. Although she lost her opening match to Kochi KD’s star player and a legend of Indian Armwrestling Chetna Sharma, she made a strong comeback by defeating Roshni of Kiraak Hyderabad.

With Season 2 scheduled to take place later this year, the Sports India Show team had the opportunity to chat with Aakriti Kandari ahead of the second season regarding her preparation.

Exclusive Interview with Aakriti Kandari

1) How is the training going?

My training is going very good and I am focusing on my gripping strength more because that’s my weak part and I am also working on strengthening my wrist.

2) How are you preparing for the second season?

For second season I am training aggressively and working with opponents from different weigh class. I am also working on my mental preparation.

3) How was your experience in the first season?

My experience in Season 1 was really great and it was challenging filled with intense competitions. There were tough competitors and unforgettable joyful moments.

4) What can we expect from Aakriti Kandari in Season 2?

In season 1, I was really very underconfident and really nervous and it was showing on my face and this time around I am mentally prepared and also I am focusing on some techniques. Overall I will be more confident heading into season 2.

5) What was your most memorable moment from Season 1?

The most memorable moment was the last day of the season. Because we were shouting, dancing and also cheering for other athletes.