Aakash Chopra provides a solution to rain affected matches in WTC


The first test between India and England was shaping up to be a thriller. India needed 157 runs on the last day. Whereas, the hosts required 9 wickets to take a lead. But we will never know which team could have taken the lead in the series as rain played a spoilsport. Many fans were disappointed with this and asked for some kind of solution for rain-affected matches. Meanwhile, Aakash Chopra thought of a solution. 

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Interestingly, the WTC 2019-2021 final which was played between India and New Zealand had a reserve day. Even after the match saw several rain breaks and sessions being washed out, New Zealand managed to get a result as the weather cleared up after day five and there was a sixth (reserve) day. This showcases the importance of a reserve day. Chopra said that it is important to consider something for this as all the matches during the WTC have importance.

The former Indian opener is very active on his YouTube channel. Recently, he conducted a question answer session with the fans. In this session, one of the fans asked “Should there be reserve days for all Tests in the WTC cycle or should there be a mandatory play of 450 overs in a Test, no matter how long it takes?”

Teams should finish at least 400 overs: Aakash Chopra

The former Indian cricketer lauded the fan for asking a good question. He further emphasized on the fact that each game in WTC holds value.

“It is a phenomenal question because there is importance around every match in the WTC. If you don’t win a match and it’s drawn then you lose some points. If you are looking at it from a points percentage point of view, you are still pushed back. India would feel unfortunate after the Trent Bridge match. We could have got 12 points but didn’t. We could have got all the points in this match but didn’t. If you don’t get these points it could actually hurt you,” Chopra said in his YouTube video.

Chopra noted that having a reserve day is a bit difficult. But what we can do is have a system where in five days of the Tests, the teams have to bowl a certain number of overs. “Like you can’t have 450 overs but at least there should be 400 overs. If that’s not happening, you should have an option to finish 400 overs,” the former Delhi cricketer said.

The fan favorite commentator Aakash Chopra further said that schedules are rigid and broadcasters will not be happy with a floating schedule. But he says that there should be a way so that matches don’t get drawn due to bad light or rain.



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