Aabhas Rana Wins Gold At The World Armwrestling Championship

Aabhas Rana

Indian arm wrestling prodigy Aabhas Rana performed stupendously on the international stage, winning the 70+kg junior left hald gold medal at the World Armwrestling Championship in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Taking on Georgian arm wrestler Bacho Digmelashvili in the 70+kg junior left hand summit clash, Aabhas dominated his opponent to secure a victory in the final round, and clinched the gold medal in the process.

“It is a proud moment for India and especially for PAFI, The People’s Armwrestling Federation India to win their first gold medal today at the World ArmWrestling Championships, at the 44th World ArmWrestling Championships,” Pretti Jhangiani, the president of the People’s Armwrestling Federation India, stated on Aabhas’ incredible feat.

“Aabhas Rana is a Prodigy and he is absolutely amazing. He beat everyone almost effortlessly and this was in the left hand. We are looking forward to his right hand matches as well tomorrow. He’s already won the gold in the left hand and he has made India and PAFI very, very proud. We are all very proud of him,” she added.