9 Best Scholarships for Basketball Players in 2021


Many college basketball players currently receiving scholarships started the recruitment process very early on. They should begin the recruitment process by grade 9 and should be constantly checked with coaches throughout high school. In this way, coaches can monitor their development. Read to learn more about basketball scholarships for the year 2021.

How to Get a Basketball Scholarship in 2021

As in the world of football, college or university basketball scholarships are highly competitive. You need tremendous talent for the game as an underlying foundation. Also, you need a great academic record that puts you ahead of the average student in your area, coupled with some preparation for this opportunity.


Sometimes, in order to apply to the education institution and get a scholarship, you need to write an application essay. You can start by getting some essay samples on services like WritingCheap. These examples will help you understand what to write in your application essay and how to present yourself in a favorable light through writing. 

Below are some of the best basketball scholarships you can get in 2021.

  1. Basketball Scholarship from the University of Worcester

This is the basketball scholarship offered by the University of Worcester. The university offers three basketball scholarships for talented basketball players who are studying. These are categories of students who are going to apply for undergraduate or postgraduate programs at the school. They have five basketball teams providing students with different levels of competitive opportunities, from recreational to elite.

2. Scholarship from DAAD

DAAD Scholarship is an initiative of the German Academic Exchange Service. It provides scholarships for a range of courses to promising young international students from developing countries in South America, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, etc. The initiative is divided into blocks of scholarship support programs with various full or partial scholarships. Some of them are:

3. Holland Scholarship for Non-EEA International Students

Holland Scholarship is part of the DAAD Scholarship. It is intended for international students from developing countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). It is provided to students wishing to continue their education at a bachelor’s or master’s level at universities in the Netherlands who are members of the DAAD initiative.

4. Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program is another unit designed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to bring the best international students to French institutions. The scholarship program pays monthly scholarships to students. This program also covers other expenses such as health insurance, cultural events, etc. It does not, however, cover tuition fees.

5. Scholarship from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The men’s basketball team, called Tar Heels, has won several NCAA Tournament championships as well as numerous ACC conferences and regular season championships. It is worth mentioning such alumni as Michael Jordan, Bob McAdoo, Vince Carter, and James Worthy, who are among the 74 best ESPN players of all time. 

This record can be attributed in part to the outstanding scholarship program at UNC. It is worth noting that the most worthy players receive a full scholarship – indeed, an irresistible offer, taking into account that this is an opportunity to play basketball while studying.

6. Scholarship from the University of California, Los Angeles

The glory days of Bruins men’s basketball team from 1964 to 1975 may be over – it has 11 NCAA titles, more than any NCAA team, it’s an unbeaten record in four tournament years – but this team is still among the best in the USA. Many people want to become student athletes here, especially considering its excellent sports scholarship program.

7. Scholarship from Stanford University

The men’s basketball team, called Cardinal, has won an NCAA championship as well as 13 conference championships. They last competed in the 2014 NCAA tournament. But don’t discount Stanford, as it is one of the best schools for students looking to combine world-class academic knowledge and championship sports.

8. Scholarship from the University of Michigan 

The men’s basketball team, called the Wolverines, has won only one NCAA championship. Nevertheless, it still can boast an impressive record with two NIT titles, as well as two Big Ten wins and fourteen championships at the Big Ten Conference. This team is included in this list because it is a force to be reckoned with.

The university also has 13 full-time fellowships. The head coach has the opportunity to award 13 full scholarships to 13 basketball players or distribute scholarships to more players if it is possible. Playing with numbers can be tricky because there are times when there are more players in a team, both experienced and new.

9. Scholarship from the University of Florida

The men’s basketball team Gators continues to advance steadily under the leadership of Billy Donovan, head coach, and Mike White. This is a popular basketball team, and most importantly, the University of Florida has an excellent athlete scholarship program.

10. Scholarship from the University of Virginia 

The men’s basketball team Cavaliers is not a champion winner, as it has only one NCAA championship, as well as three ACC tournaments and two NIT titles. However, the benefit is the amount of aid available to student-athletes.

11. Scholarship from Winning Students Scotland

Winners of scholarships are awarded annually and can be up to £6,000 per year, providing individual support to each student. Scholarships are available to full-time and part-time students at a college or university.

You can think about getting a sports scholarship if you have achieved great success in sports. It does not matter in what specific form it is – you can always choose a scholarship for yourself. The main difference between a sports scholarship and an academic one is that for the latter, it is enough to simply submit an application indicating the applicant’s interest in obtaining funding for education and/or residence for the period of study at the university. And in order to qualify for an athletic scholarship, you must actively and successfully participate in the sports life of your educational institution. We hope you can find the right scholarship for yourself among the ones presented in this article.