“It’s so important for us back home and around the world,” Rashid Khan after Afghanistan pull off a miracle against Australia

Rashid Khan

Afghanistan skipper Rashid Khan explained that his side’s historic win against Australia in their T20 World Cup Super 8 clash on June 23 will give their country’s aspiring cricketers major hopes. The 21-run victory was more than just a match; it was a beacon of hope for aspiring Afghan cricketers.

Rashid Khan is ecstatic after a big win

Afghanistan skipper Rashid Khan rightly emphasized that this victory would ignite dreams in the hearts of young cricketers back home. For a nation that has faced immense challenges, this triumph symbolizes resilience and determination.

“Massive win for us as a team and as a nation. Great feeling. It’s something we missed in the last two years, the 2023 ODI World Cup and the 2022 T20 World Cup in Australia. Really happy with the win and super proud of the guys. Quite important for us that we went back with the same playing XI.” Rashid said.

“It’s so important for us back home and around the world. I’m sure they’re proud and would’ve enjoyed the game.” Rashid added.

Alongside Rashid Khan, other heroes emerged. Gulbadin Naib and Rahmanullah Gurbaz delivered brilliant performances, showcasing the talent and potential within Afghanistan’s cricketing ranks.

This win significantly boosted Afghanistan’s chances of reaching the T20 World Cup semi-finals. Rashid Khan acknowledged that such glorious moments were missing in the last couple of years. This victory injects fresh energy and belief into Afghan cricket.

Rashid’s vision extends beyond T20 cricket. He hopes that Afghanistan can play longer formats, including Test matches. For young players, facing bigger teams in Tests will be a valuable learning experience.

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