Former Pakistani Cricketer Claims Umar Akmal Has Better Numbers Than Virat Kohli- “We don’t share our Stats and Performances on The Social Media”

Virat Kohli

Kamran Akmal, brother of former Pakistani batsman Umar Akmal made some shocking statements comparing his brother to one of the best batsmen ever Virat Kohli. In a recent conversation with ARY News, Kamran asserted that Umar Akmal outperforms Virat Kohli in T20 World Cup statistics.

While acknowledging that Umar is nowhere near Kohli’s stature and talent, Kamran highlighted that Umar boasts better strike rates and a higher individual score in T20 World Cups.

Mujhe stats kal aaye hai, mai baat kar raha Umar ki. World Cup T20 matches mey Umar ke Virat Kohli se better numbers hai (In World T20s, Umar has got a better stats than Virat Kohli),” Kamran said. “Umar toh Virat ki choti ungli ke barabar hai (He is not even close to Virat Kohli, when it comes to his performances and his aura). But Umar has got better strike rate, highest score than Virat Kohli in the T20 World Cups,” Kamran Akmal said.

Umar’s strike rate (132.42) marginally surpasses Kohli’s (130.52), and he holds a higher individual score (94 vs Australia in 2014) compared to Kohli’s 89* against Pakistan in 2022. Kamran playfully quipped that, unlike Kohli, Umar doesn’t have PR companies to promote his stats and performances on social media.

Kamran Akmal Opens up on Virat Kohli

“Since we don’t have PR companies we don’t share our stats and performances on the social media. Imagine if this stats would have been in the name of any of these 15 players. There must have been a storm by now. I won’t be surprised if they would have taunted Virat Kohli ‘Bada player banta hai bade sau kiye hue hai,” he added.

Kamran’s comments came after Pakistan’s exit from the group stage of the 2024 T20 World Cup, where they faced defeats against the USA and India but managed a victory against Canada. Their final match is scheduled against Ireland in Florida.

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