5-time World Champion and one of India’s greatest stranded in Germany due to Coronavirus

Image Courtesy: Fortune/Getty

With the start of the Bundesliga Chess League, Indian Chess icon Viswanathan Anand went to Germany to take part in the competition. Unfortunately, before his flight back to his home country this Monday, the Coronavirus pandemic gave birth to emergency all across the world. While the Government of India has decided to suspend all existing visas except for the diplomats, it is now impossible for the five times world champion to return, who is now stranded in Frankfurt.

Image Courtesy: Fortune/Getty

Viswanathan Anand travelled to Germany last month as a member of the OSG Baden-Baden in the German chess tournament, but now has to remain in the country until the visa restriction is lifted by the Indian Govt. However, sources have claimed that the legendary Chess Grandmaster was already under self isolation throughout the last week, as the news of virus outbreak were making the headlines earlier this month.

“This is a very unusual experience for me. For the first time in my life and for many others as well, I am forced to self-isolate myself,” Anand said in a personal interview with the Times of India yesterday.

The veteran is using the blessing of technology to keep in touch with his family amidst the woeful situation around the globe.

Anand continued: “I have a video chat with my son Akhil and wife Aruna as soon as I get up. We try to get some happiness talking to each other.”

The iconic Chess player is not out of activity, as Anand has earned his maiden commentary role in the upcoming FIDE Candidates tournament Yekaterinburg, Russia starting this Tuesday.

However, the 50 year old will have to do his job from Frankfurt where he is currently staying, as his wife Aruna Anand recently confirmed in an interview with PTI.

“He will be commentating for the Candidates tournament for a website. Guess it will also keep him busy,” Aruna told reporters.

“He is near Frankfurt. With all the travel restrictions and advisories, we will have to wait and watch with regards to his return plans. The situation is very fluid,” Mrs Anand added, who hopes to see her husband return to India by the end of March.

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