5 NRL Tips for the Amateur Bettors


NRL, the National Rugby League, is considered one of Australia’s most prominent football codes. Also, it remains at the top of the best rugby tournaments in the world. 

With a massive fan following from across the world, NRL is known for its vital players, unrivaled passion, and fiercest hits.

When it comes to NRL betting, online bookmakers like BlueBet offer great tips, odds, and predictions for all rounds. Besides following these betting previews and tips, what else should you do to win odds in NRL betting?

Understand NRL Multi Bet Tips

Multi betting is a well-known betting option for NRL punters who want to grow the odds over the weekend. One of the most significant benefits of multi-betting is that it applies the odds for every selection you choose within a single stake. 

For instance, if you bet on Sydney Roosters to beat Sea Eagles at the odds of $1.28 in a single stake, it will not pay you much of a profit. Instead, if you add the Gold Coast Titans beating New Zealand Warriors at the odds of $1.37, then the multi bet will pay you the odds and double the money if successful.

Learn About NRL Same Game Multi Tips

Many Aussie bookmakers will not allow you to accumulate legs in any multi, which can conflict or influence other results in the same bet. However, the exceptions to this rule are bookmakers like BlueBet that allow the same game multi-tips option. 

If you choose online bookmakers who offer the punters the option to place the same game multi bets, then you will get a chance to gather more stakes in one game and accumulate them together. 

In the same game, you can choose up to twelve legs. Even though this type of bet may seem to be a little risky, the rewards you can reach are much higher. 

Consider the Current Ranking

Before making the prediction, you must consider the current ranking between the two sides. When it comes to NRL, the ranking sometimes tends to be cyclical. 

Even if you take international rugby games, for example, countries like Australia, Newzealand, and South Africa remain the top dogs. So, the same goes for NRL and other local leagues. 

Analyze If the NRL Tip Is Reliable

Before you start your research, you must first ensure the reliability of the NRL betting tips. Take a look at the odds given by the bookmakers. For example, let us say it is a match between South Sydney and Bulldogs. 

In this case, the forecast of victory for South Sydney seems to be more reliable than the Bulldogs because of the difference in the quality of the teams. 

So, if you see a bookmaker rooting for the victory of Bulldogs at low odds, then it is advised not to place bets as the proposed odds are not reliable. 

Bet On Handicap Betting

One tip that will be favorable to all punters in NRL betting is handicap betting. You must remember that matches ending in draws are scarce, and shock upsets do not occur to the dominants in most situations.

Rugby teams on the top of the list often win by wide margins. And, the difference in score is accentuated by the bonus points. So, instead of predicting victory, you can play the score spreads by placing handicap bets. 

Make sure to monitor the tips and previews regularly on reliable online betting sites like BlueBet. Only then will you be able to bet on the right team and make a profit.