49 year old boxer passes away due to injuries sustained during bout


It goes without saying that Boxing is a dangerous sport and it involves two fighters trying to knock each other out. As a result of this, some boxers suffer lifelong injuries and sadly some die because of injuries.

The American Association of Neurological Surgeons says that almost 90 percent of boxers sustain a brain injury. This becomes more dangerous to especially older boxers.

After 35, unless you’re Floyd Mayweather most boxers show signs of decline and after 40 it becomes extremely dangerous for boxers to step inside the ring.

One such sad instance took place last night when an Italian boxer named Christian Daghio passed away after sustaining injuries in his WBC Asia title fight against Thai boxer Don Parueang last week in Rangsit, Thailand.

The most disturbing part about this incident is that Daghio was 49 years old. This is not the age at which a fighter should be boxing. Although, there were some legendary boxers who boxed at this age by the likes of Bernard Hopkins, Roy Jones Jr, etc.

Christian made his professional boxing debut very late in his career back in 2015 when he was 46 years old and had compiled a record of 10-1(10 KO).

We at Sports India Show pour heavy tribute to the departed soul. He died doing what he loved. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Christian Daghio. Rest in Peace.

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