Indian and international athletes come together for the #WhiteCard campaign on social media to promote sport

Image Courtesy: Twitter
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6th April is celebrated as the The International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP), honouring the inauguration of the first of the modern era Olympic Games, the 1896 Summer Olympics. The day is celebrated with an aim for the betterment of the community, positive social improvements and encouragement of peace and understanding within the human population through the power of sport. With the current challenging times amidst the novel Coronavirus pandemic, many athletes have taken it to social media to take part in the ‘#WhiteCard’ movement to celebrate the day, as many iconic names from the sporting fraternity of India have joined up with famous sportspersons from all over the world.

Image Courtesy: Twitter

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, human life around the world has come to a halt. The pandemic has disrupted many major sporting events, including the Tokyo Summer Olympics, the Euro 2020 and many more tournaments and leagues which are either cancelled or postponed.

In such worrying times, 6th April is celebrated to bring the world together through the noble message of sports, as many countries and its citizens are self-isolating to curb the further spread of the deadly virus.


Many revered athletes from India went onto Twitter and Instagram today to show their support for the #’WhiteCard’ movement.

Several sportspersons, former athletes and Olympians all over the world also joined in the noble cause of bringing humanity together in peace and harmony in these troubling times.

Over 1.2 million people around the world have been affected by the novel Coronavirus, and the death toll as risen to 70,650 as of now.

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